Friday, June 25, 2010

"Dad" wearing Islamic garb and chanting "Allah" fights off gas, blow from police van and nine cops as he marches down street with 12-inch knife

A ZOMBIE-like fanatic with "superhuman" strength fought off NINE cops and a police ROTTWEILER as he chanted the name of Allah, a court was told yesterday.

The religious maniac - clad in Islamic garb - shrugged off baton blows and CS gas as he marched down a street with a 12-inch carving knife.

Cops fearing he was on a deadly mission resorted to "potentially lethal force" by ramming him with a police van but STILL he stayed on his feet, a jury heard.

Barefoot Alderrahim El-Harti, 42, finally had to be battered unconscious by frantic officers raining blows on his head.

By then he had plunged his knife into one constable - who was saved by his body armour.
Fellow PC John Bowerman said at Sheffield Crown Court: "He seemed to have superhuman strength and resistance."

PC Mark Adams told how he yelled to a colleague in a van: "Run him over, we have go to stop him somehow."

He said of burly El-Harti, who had been spotted near his Sheffield home in the early hours: "He was chanting in a foreign language. I heard the word 'Allah'."

Police emptied two cans of CS gas at him. PC Adams said: "The spray was dripping from his face. It had no effect." The police dog simply cowered after El-Harti tried to stab it, the trial heard.

Following El-Harti's arrest two psychiatrists concluded he was not responsible for his actions due to mental illness....

And in a classic example of mainstream media misdirection, the Daily Express thinks that the most important thing you need to know about this maniac is that he is a "dad":
"Dad believed he was 'half animal half human' at time of police attack," from the
Express, June 24:

A DAD who believed he was 'half animal half human' after stabbing police officers when they tried to arrest him was insane at the time of the attack.

Alderrahim El-Harti, aged 42, of Albert Road, Heeley, heard voices telling him the officers were demons. He was cleared of wounding and wounding with intent by a jury at Sheffield Crown Court who returned a special verdict he was not guilty by reason of insanity....

The court heard El-Harti's family had a history of mental illness and his behaviour had become more and more bizarre.

Even the Qur'an didn't help:

His wife bought him an MP3 player which he used to play Koranic readings to try to drown out the voices.

He paid increasing visits to his mosque and carried a knife to protect himself because he thought Satan was there.

"The voices increased in volume and he was unable to cope," said psychiatrist Dr John Kent. He said he 'totally lost touch with reality'.

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