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The Benefits of the prayer movement

prayer movement-gerakan shalat
prayer movement-gerakan shalatprayer movement-gerakan shalat
1. Takbiratul ihram

Stood up, raised both hands parallel to the ear, then fold it in front of the abdomen or lower chest. This movement is beneficial to smooth the flow of blood, lymph nodes (lymph), and arm muscle strength. The position of the heart below the brain allows blood to flow smoothly throughout the body. We raised both hands, stretching the shoulder muscles so that the flow of oxygen-rich blood become fluent. Then second hand in front of the abdomen or lower chest. This attitude prevents interference from various joints, particularly in the upper body.

2. Ruku '

Ruku 'is marked perfectly straight spine so that when placed on the back of a glass of water is not going to spill. Head position with the spine straight. This movement is beneficial to maintain the perfection of the position and function of the spine (vertebrae corpus) as a support body and the central nervous system. Heart position parallel to the brain, the maximal blood flow in the central part of the body. Hands resting on knees serves to relax the muscles of the shoulder to bottom. In addition, the bow is a training tool for bladder thus preventing prostate disorders.

3. I'tidal

Wake up from bowing, the body back up after raising his hands as high as the ears. I'tidal is a variation of the posture after bowing and before prostration. This movement is useful as an exercise is good for the digestive organs. At I'tidal done, digestive organs in the abdominal massage and relaxation experience alternately. Sure to give effect digestion.

4. prostration

Menungging by putting both hands, knees, toes, and forehead on the floor. Prostration useful to pump lymph into the neck and armpits. Posis heart above the oxygen-rich regions of the brain can cause the maximum flow to the brain. This flow effect on a person thought power. Therefore, you should do prostrations with tuma'ninah, not in a hurry so the blood is adequate capacity in the brain. This position prevent someone from interference hemorrhoids. Especially for women, both bowing and prostration has tremendous benefits for health and fertility of female organs.

5. sitting between prostrations

Sitting after the prostrations consist of two types namely iftirosy (tahiyat initial) and tawarru '(tahiyat end). The difference lies in the position of the feet. when iftirosy, the body resting on his thighs that are connected with nerve nerve Ischiadius. This position is able to avoid the pain in the groin, which often causes the sufferer unable to walk. Sitting tawarru 'very good for men because the heel to curtail the bladder (urethra), male sex glands (prostate) and vas deferens tract. If done correctly, this position can prevent impotence. Variations in the position of your feet and tawarru iftirosy 'cause the whole leg muscle also re-stretch and then relax. Harmonic motion and pressure to maintain this flexibility and power organs of our movement.

6. Greeting

Head to the right turning movement and since e left the maximum. Salam useful to useful to relax the muscles around the neck and head, improving blood flow in the head so as to prevent headaches and keep the facial skin tone.

Prostration movement is unique. Has the philosophy that the human prostrate themselves meneundukkan as low, even lower than his own butt. From the viewpoint of science of psychoneuroimmunology (the study on immune from the psychological point of view) that Prof. understood better. Soleh, this movement of human deliver the highest degree. Why?

By making the movement routinely prostrate, the blood vessels in the brain is trained to accept a lot of oxygen supply. At the time of prostration, heart position is above the head which allows maximum blood flow to the brain. That is, the brain get oxygen-rich blood supply that spur cells work. In other words, prostration which could trigger tuma'ninah and continuous improvement of intelligence.

Every inch of the human brain needs enough blood to function normally. Tidk blood will enter the nerve in the brain, but when someone fell down in prayer. Fibril, they require a certain blood for a few moments alone. This means that blood will enter the vein the following prayer time, as is already required in Islam.

Research on top has got recognition from Harvard University, United States. Even an American doctor unfamiliar declare themselves converted to Islam after diamdiam conduct research specifically related to the development of prostrate movement. In addition, movements in a quick prayer or yoga-like stretching (stretching). In essence, allows you to flex the body and blood circulation. Advantages compared to other movements are prayers in our prayer more moving limbs, including toes and hands.

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