Sunday, September 19, 2010

'Street Jihad' Incidents Rising in UK...

A 13-year-old boy suffered a broken jaw in an unprovoked attack as he walked down the street.

Police said the youngster, who was with friends at the time near a busy road in Hyndburn, was assaulted by a man who jumped out of a black sports car.

Detective Constable Paul Langley said the man punched the boy in the face before jumping back in the car and fleeing.

He said: "The boy was walking with friends when he was approached by a man driving a black convertible sports car. "The man got out of his car and punched the boy in the head before driving off.

"This was a serious attack and I would urge anyone who saw what happened or has any information to contact police."

The incident happened as the 13-year-old was walking along Dill Hall Lane in Church near to the junction with Dunkenhalgh Way at 8pm on September 2.

The attacker was described as Asian, aged in his 30s, around 5ft 11ins tall, with a muscular build and short black hair.

Anyone with information can contact Accrington CID on 01254 353741 or 0845 1 25 35 45

Yet another (how often I have written those two words) unprovoked vicious attack by a muslim coward against a young Hyndburn boy. The youngster was walking with friends when a black sports car suddently stopped and a "muscular" man sprang from the car and punched the lad in the face. The 'sorry excuse for a man' just as quickly ran away and drove off. The lad suffered a broken jaw.
This cowardly 'stop and smash' behaviour is typical modus operandi for many muslim thugs. Either a quick seemingly random attack by a lone perpetrator catching the (white) victim unaware OR a mob of muslim men ambush a lone (white) person or couple. Examples of this street jihad are not hard to find - here's a few:

Lone 14 Year old Scottish boy beaten by Muslim thugs and told "You're the next Kriss Donald- We're going to murder you!"
Racist Muslim Gang Brutally Bashes British Man in Street Jihad Attack
Muslim Gang Rapes Man in Manchester Centre
Muslim gang robs & forces 3 teen boys to "Lick our boots"
Facial Reconstruction for UK Brothers Bludgeoned in Muslim Gang Hammer Attack
British Man left with 68 stitches in his face after brutal muslim gang slash attack
Armed Muslim Street Jihadist Gangs Attack Beat Strangers in UK
Muslim Gang Rapes Man in Manchester Centre
Muslim Gang Attacks - Punches - Spits on Lone British Woman
Street Jihad - 10 Muslims Batter Brit & wife - Leave shoeprint on his face
Another Muslim Gang Attack on British Man in "No-Go" Manningham
Lone British Schoolboy Attacked & Head Stomped by Muslim Gang
Media Ignores Muslim Councillor Sons' Violent HATE Attack Against British Couple

Unfortunately I could go on and on listing such despicable attacks - and these are just some the ones I've blogged about!

On the bright side (if you could call it that) - and likely in light of the preponderance of historical evidence such as listed above - the police did not issue their usual placation of "These types of attacks are rare"........clearly they are NOT.

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