Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Terror Plotter Serves Only Three Months in Jail...

A MUSLIM fanatic caged for plotting a terror attack is back on the streets after serving just three months.

Abbas Iqbal, 24, was seized with a video of armed British jihad extremists on military manoeuvres in a park.

He and brother Ilyas, 23 - both members of the "Blackburn Resistance" in Lancs - had an arsenal of weapons at home, including air rifles, knives, machetes, a sword, a crossbow and ammunition.

Cops also found gruesome beheading videos and papers on guerrilla warfare.

At their trial in March, the court heard the Osama Bin Laden supporters had been "intoxicated by the evil of terrorism and were training for violent Jihad".

Abbas was sentenced to two years for preparing for acts of terrorism and Ilyas got 18 months for possessing terrorist literature.

But because they spent 2½ years on remand they were freed early. Abbas has been out since June 28.

A juror who convicted him said: "It's very disturbing. Abbas Iqbal was hellbent on preparing for a terror attack. I consider him a danger."

The Probation Service said people convicted of serious offences were closely supervised.

why he got put in jail

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