Monday, February 7, 2011

uQuran Pro v0.12 + Recitation + Transalation [Free]

Perhaps you've been looking for an application Digital Quran mobile version that can be installed on your mobile phone or gadget. Hopefully it's here, I will share an application uQuran (read: Micro Quran) Pro version, this Full Version and FREE you know! Of course this has been cracked, so no need to register again. No need IMEI code or anything else, prove it ..

Then as a bonus, I also include audio murotalnya read by Mishari Rashid Al-'Afasi. Previously if you wanted to know how wonderful he Murotal, just click the link earlier. Then see the beauty of his melantukan the verses of Al Quran. Plus translation in various languages (Malay, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Roman, English, and Spanish), including Indonesian course

Berikut adalah fitur-fitur yang ditawarkan uQuran, ini saya ambilkan dari situs asalnya,
Intuitive and consistent user interface
An easy to use interface that works on all mobiles consistently. uQuran currently supports mobiles with screen sizes: 240 pixels, 320 pixels, 360 pixels, 480 pixels and 640 pixels

Uthmani Script
uQuran requires no Arabic support on mobiles. Arabic is rendered out of the box with the full Uthmani Script (or Medina Mushaf style writing)

100% Touch Screen Support
uQuran has been developed from ground up with 100% Touch Screen Support. Alhamdulillah, the usability is unmatched with an software of its kind.

Portrait and Landscape Support
uQuran has 100% support for mobiles that support Landscape and Portrait view separately. Simply rotate your phone (like you'd normally do) and uQuran will turn to Landscape view.

Several Translations
Verse by verse translation of every chapter. The free version supports plugging in English Transliteration. uQuran Pro supports: English (M. Khan, Shakir, Pickthal, Yusuf Ali, Mohd Asad), Spanish, French, German, Indonesian, Melayu, Dutch, Romanian and Italian

Fast Scrolling in Surah View
On Touch Screen Phones, tap on the left hand column (where you see verse numbers displayed) of the Surah View and move finger/pointer/stylus up or down to quickly jump to a particular verse.

Verse by Verse Recitation
High Quality recitation of Sheikh Mishary Al-Rashed. The free version supports Surah Al-Fatiha while uQuran Pro supports all chapters. Note: Recitation will only work on mobiles that support Recitation from Java Applications (both MP3 and AMR formats are supported). Please try uQuran before purchasing uQuran Pro.

Set and retrieve 3 bookmarks with verse highlighting and easy acces from index screen. 100 bookmarks available in uQuran Pro.

Highly optimized screen rendering and interface elements. The most elaborately done software of its kind on suported platforms.

Verse Highlighing
We understand how difficult it can be to read text off from a small mobile screen. uQuran comes with alternate verse-highlighting to allow the reader to concentrate on their reading. It also gives you currently selected verse highlights to know which verse you're currently reading.

Much Much More
uQuran was developed with a day and night effort of more than 8 months. It offers unique usability options, an intuitive design (interface designed by Bandar Raffah originally for iPhone iQuran), highly customized UI elements and extremely optimized views. You will have to try it out to see what we mean.
Preview melalui Symbian 60v3

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