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Mosque Al-Azhar in Cairo

Mosque Al-Azhar in Cairo photos

Al-Azhar Mosque (Arabic: جامع الأزهر Gama `al-Azhar," the most shining mosque is a mosque in Cairo in Egypt. Al-Mu'izz li-Din Allah from the Fatimid Caliphate used to the new capital was established in the year 970. It is name usually considered to be of Muhammad's daughter Fatima, revered figure in Islam who was given the title of az-Zahra '("the shining"). This is the first mosque was established in Cairo ,a city which has since earned the nickname " city of a thousand minarets .

There are ten sykeh who are in this daulah, among others:

1. Imam el-Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Syarief-Kharasyi al-Maliki.
2. Sheikh Imam Ibrahim Muhammad al-Barmawi
3. Imam Muhammad al-Shaykh al-Maliky Nasyraty
4. Imam Sheikh Abd el-el-Baqi Al-Malikiy Qulaeny
5. Sheikh Imam Muhammad al-Maliky Syanan
6. Imam Sheikh Ibrahim el-Musa Al-maliky Fayoumy
7. Sheikh Abdellah Al-Imam ash Shafi'i Syabrawi
8. Sheikh Salim Al-Imam Muhammad ash Shafii Hifny
9. Imam Sheikh Abd el-Raouf Mohammed Shafi Sujaeni Ash
10. Imam Sheikh Ahmad Abdel Monem el-damanhury

Then at the end of 1220 AH / 1805 AD Egypt was in the hands of Muhammad Ali. And Al-Azhar remains raw Masyekhakh his system. Furthermore, the names of the Imam who occupied Kuri Masyekhakh as follows:

11. Imam Sheikh Omar Abdel-rahman Al-Hanafy
12. Sheikh Imam Ahmad Abu el-Shalah Arusy Musa Al-Shafi'i
13. Sheikh Abdullah el-Imam Shafi'i Syarqawi
14. Sheikh Imam Muhammad al-Syanwani
15. Sheikh Imam Muhammad al-Arusy
16. Sheikh Imam Ahmad Ali al-Damhuji
17. Sheikh Imam Hasan Muhammad Al-'Athar
18. Imam Shaykh Hasan el-Quesny
19. Imam Sheikh Ahmad al-Shaim el-safty
20. Sheikh Imam Ibrahim Al-bajury
21. Imam Sheikh Mustafa Al-Arusy
22. Sheikh Imam Muhammad al-Abbasi Al-Mahdy Al-Hanafi
23. Sheikh Imam Muhammad al-Shafi'i Imbabi
24. Hasunah Sheikh Imam Al-Nawawi al-Hanafi
25. Sheikh Mohammed Ali Al-Imam Al-Maliky Bablawi
26. Sheikh Salim al-Imam al-Maliky Bisyri
27. Sheikh Muhammad Al-Imam Ali Al-Maliky Bablawi (the second time)
28. Sheikh Imam Abdel-rahman al-Syirbiny
29. Hasunah Sheikh Imam Al-Nawawi al-Hanafi (the second time)
30. Sheikh Salim al-Imam al-Maliky Bisyri (the second time)
31. Imam Sheikh Muhammad Abu Al-Gizawy fadlal
32. Imam Shaykh Muhammad Mustafa Al-Maragy
33. Sheikh Imam Mohammad Al-Ahmady Adzawahiry
34. Imam Shaykh Muhammad Mustafa Al-Maragy (the second time)
35. Imam Sheikh Mustafa Abdel-Raziq
36. Sheikh Imam Ma Muhammadiyah, however el-Syanwany
37. Imam Sheikh Abdel-Majid Salim
38. Sheikh Imam Ibrahim Hamrusy
39. Imam Sheikh Abdel-Majid Salim (the second time)
Mosque Al-Azhar in Cairo - photos mosque
In two recent Egyptian leadership is undergoing a massive political jolt, as the new period to the Modern Egyptians, marked with the "revolution of July 1952 AD" namely the overthrow of Gamal Abdul Nasser against the king Faruq "Dinasty Kheidio 10", while switching to the republican system of royal as well as return capital from Alexandria to Cairo. The system Masyekhakh Al-Azhar continues admirably. Namely:

Mosque Al-Azhar in Cairo pictures
Mosque Al-Azhar in Cairo
Mosque Al-Azhar in Cairo interior photos
Mosque Al-Azhar in Cairo interior
Mosque Al-Azhar in Cairo interior pictures
Mosque Al-Azhar in Cairo exterior

40. Sheikh Imam Muhammad al-Husein Hadlr
41. Imam Sheikh Abdel Rahman Taj.
42. Sheikh Imam Mahmud Syaltut
43. Sheikh Imam Hasan Ma, however
44. Sheikh Imam Muhammad al-fahhaam
45. Sheikh Imam
46. Imam Sheikh Gad el-Haq Ali Gad el-Haq
47. Imam Sheikh Mohammad Sayyed Thantahwi

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