Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Store's food mistake upsets Muslim mum

SUPERMARKET Morrisons has apologised after a Muslim family bought a tuna salad which contained ham.
The family from Carlton bought two pasta salads which were labelled as tuna salads from Morrisons in Netherfield last month.
But when they got home they discovered it was a ham salad.
It is against the family's religion to eat meat from a pig. The mum-of-two in the family, who did not want to be identified, complained to Morrisons about the mis-labelled food.
She said: "My children and I have never eaten ham before so we didn't know what it looked like. But we realised straight away that it was not tuna in the salad and my children were very distraught."
She also said she was unhappy with the response she received from Morrisons.
She said: "I received a £15 gift voucher as an apology but this is not enough. Morrisons need to realise the damage they have done. If food is mis-labelled, people could have allergic reactions when picking produce they think is safe to eat."
A spokesperson for Morissons said: "We are aware our customers may wish to avoid certain foods for religious reasons and we take correct labelling very seriously. We were very sorry to learn that this customer was sold an incorrectly labelled product and have offered our sincerest apologies.
"We will ensure extra vigilance with regard to the correct labelling of these products.''

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