Friday, October 15, 2010

According to Sharia, rape is not possible in marriage, says Islamophobe Muslim cleric

There cannot be rape within marriage, a Muslim cleric in Britain has ruled. A key Muslim leader in the country promptly denounced the views as 'misguided' and 'inappropriate'.

"In Islamic Sharia, rape is adultery by force. So long as the woman is his wife, it cannot be termed as rape," The Independent quoted cleric Sheikh Maulana Abu Sayeed as saying.

Men accused of raping their wives should not be prosecuted as "sex is part of marriage", said Sayeed, president of the Islamic Sharia Council in Britain.

He made the comments to the blog The Samosa -- and reiterated them to the The Independent.

Sayeed told the website: "Clearly there cannot be any rape within the marriage. Maybe aggression, maybe indecent activity... Because when they got married, the understanding was that sexual intercourse was part of the marriage, so there cannot be anything against sex in marriage.

"Of course, if it happened without her desire, that is no good, that is not desirable."

British law makes rape within marriage illegal.

Sayeed also suggested that women who claim to have been raped by their husbands should not immediately go to the police.

"Not in the beginning, unless we establish that it really happened. Because in most of the cases, wives... have been advised by their solicitors that one of the four reasons for which a wife can get a divorce is rape, so they are encouraged to say things like this."

Asked how men found to have raped their wives were to be punished, he said: "He may be disciplined, and he may be made to ask forgiveness. That should be enough."...

And this well respected (in the Islamic community) cleric's organization the Islamic Shariah Council represents all these other Islamic organizations, as well.

From their website:

1. London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre, London.

2. Muslim World League

3. Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, UK

4. UK Islamic Mission

5. D'awatul Islam, UK

6. Jamia Mosque & Islamic Centre, Birmingham

7. Islamic Centre, Glasgow

8. Islamic Centre, Didsbury, Manchester

9. Jamia Masjid Hanafiya, Bradford

10. Muslim Welfare House, London

11. East London Mosque

So, it is far from some lone troll on a street corner making crazy assertions now, isn't it?

It all is a bit confusing: you are allowed to rape prisoners of war and slave girls, but consenting sex with a free woman is adultery and forbidden. Except when she is your wife, then you again are free to rape her: so a woman in a Muslim marriage is considered a slave? Something in the logic is not quite right.

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