Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thugs from "Muslims Against Crusades" intend to disrupt royal wedding

This is the same group that provoked public outrage by disrupting the traditional Armistice Day moment of silence and burning large replicas of the poppy, Britain's symbol of remembrance and respect for fallen soldiers, while chanting "British soldiers burn in hell," and holding banners proclaiming that "Islam will dominate." If you're not exactly charmed by that sort of behavior, you'll like it even less knowing the man charged and fined for disturbing the peace in that case works only part-time and takes in £792 a month in state benefits. For their next act of interfaith dialogue, they're targeting the royal wedding. With such behavior and propaganda like the graphic shown above, it is easy to ask: why are you even in Britain? If it's so awful, why not leave? But there are two answers to that: first, they are there to dominate, to remake Britain into an Islamic republic. The second answer: Why would they stop when they are being rewarded with womb-to-tomb benefits, all the while threatening and cursing the kuffar with their mouths full?

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