Wednesday, July 6, 2011

'Saudi diplomats among worst in London'

the number of foreign diplomats and embassy staff in London being arrested over crimes is on the rise, with 
Saudi Arabia's embassy topping the list, says a 
new report.

The Metropolitan Police provided fresh figures of the crimes
 including sex attacks and robberies, which were
released to the daily Evening Standards following a
Freedom of Information request.

The figures showed that 59 officially registered foreign diplomats
 have been held for crimes committed in the UK capital during the
 past three years, but managed to escape justice claiming to enjoy
 diplomatic immunity.

According to the figures, Saudi Arabia's mission has produced the
 highest number of offenders, with four of its embassy staff nabbed
for drink-drive charges and another for shoplifting.

But, the most serious case involved a man from Sierra Leon's
 High Commission, who was arrested for rape. Others detained
 by the Met included suspected robbers from the Nigerian and
 Ivory Coast embassies and sex attackers from Egypt and Bolivia.

Further offences committed during the diplomatic crimewave
included fraud, grievous bodily harm, drink-driving and shoplifting.

A suspect from Oman's embassy was arrested for making a
 bomb threat, according to figures.

Jerry Jones, a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority
 said she was appalled by the fact that serious offenders
were escaping justice.

"These are people who could go on to commit other offences
 and it is time that these antiquated laws were revised so
 that people who commit crimes can be prosecuted," she said.

The statistics showed that 27 diplomats or their relatives were
 arrested during the year to the end of March.

This is while that the previous year's total was 22,
 while the 2008/9 figure was 10. It means that the
number arrested has risen by 170 percent over the
three years.

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