Thursday, July 7, 2011

I saved my 13-year-old from Asian gang

A MUM has revealed how she saved her pretty teenage daughter from a life of drugs, prostitution and possible death after she was groomed by a gang of perverted Asian men.

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first I want to note the irritating, obfuscating and bordering on pathological use of the term "Asian" - by British newspapers in lieu of the more accurate muslim.Honest journalism has succumbed to dhimmitude and political correctness. 
I wondered - Do muslims refer to themselves as "Asian"? So I thought I'd check a few muslim online publications to see what people they consider to be "Asian":Al Arabya News Channel - Gulf Daily News - The Voice of Bahrain - Kuwait Arab Times -Crime - The Muslim News
In reviewing the above searches you will find that the vast majority - if not 100% - use the word 'Asian' in regards to China, Japan, Malaysia, etc.
The same countries and people that we all think of when reading the word 'Asian'. So clearly muslims do not refer to themselves as 'Asian'.
Isn't it time that British newspapers stop treating their readers like a bunch of dopes?

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