Monday, August 16, 2010

19-year-old Muslim woman "punched, kicked and assaulted with a broomstick" by parents over Facebook relationship

Parents of a Muslim girl have been charged with beating and imprisoning their daughter after they discovered she had been in an alleged secret relationship with a man she met on Facebook.

Husband and wife Abdul Aziz and Parveen Akhtar, of Bordesley Green, Birmingham, are in police custody after they were arrested by West Midlands Police.

Mr Aziz, 47, has been charged with false imprisonment, two counts of making threats to kill, and assault. Mrs Akhtar, 44, is charged with false imprisonment and two assault charges.

The couple are due to appear at Birmingham Crown Court for a plea and case management hearing on August 23.

It is understood the case relates to claims that the parents held their 19-year-old daughter prisoner at the family home on Fourth Avenue, Bordesley Green, for 11 days between April 24 and May 5th

The alleged victim is understood to have claimed that she was not allowed to leave the property during that time, and was kept under constant supervision, while the doors and windows of the house were kept locked

The assault charges relate to claims that the parents allegedly assaulted their daughter.

It is understood the victim claims she was punched, kicked and assualted [sic] with a broomstick.

It is understood the alleged events occurred after the parents, said to be traditional Muslims, learned of their daughter's relationship with a man she had apparently met through Facebook, the online social networking site.

Sources close to the case claim the parents had wanted an arranged marriage for their daughter.
The young woman is understood to have at one stage left her family home to stay with her boyfriend in London, although she later returned to live with her parents....

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