Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pleading and pray god Protection

Du'a Al-Quran - Pleading and pray god Protection, Hud 48
Robbee Inni aau dzubika an as aluka maa laisa lii bihii ilmu wa illa taghfirlee wa tar hamnee akun min alkhoshe reen

Translation: "My Lord, truly I seek refuge in Thee from asking for something I did not know its nature. And if you do not give forgiveness and no mercy on me, certainly I would include among those who perish." (Surat HUD: 47).

This prayer is the prayer of the Prophet Noah, peace, when his people including his son (kan'an) participate destroyed by Allah Most High. through the great flood. Noah a.s. perotes to Allah SWT., "why her son (kan'an) participate destroyed when he was part of my family, and it is You promised to save my family and my people to drown." ( HUD45).
Then God gave the answer: "that he (Kan'an) not including the promised your family will be saved, because he does not believe in Allah and the righteous. And that would be saved from the flood are those who believe in Allah. (Hud 46).
Having been warned of God, Noah a.s. al pray with the prayer above. Then God opened their eyes. (Surah 48 verse HUD)

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