Monday, August 2, 2010


TOP Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s burka outburst could see “rivers of blood” on Britain’s streets.

The TV loudmouth caused outrage by claiming Muslim women wear G-strings under their burkas on last Sunday’s show.

And hate preacher Anjem Choudary warned Islamic fanatics will “go to war” to protect the honour of their women.

He declared: “Clarkson may think he was funny or was telling a joke when he said these things.
“But this is not funny to everyone. And by making fun or disrespecting the burka and Muslim women he has deeply offended many people.

“It is a grave offence to disrespect a Muslim woman. People have gone to war to protect the honour of Muslim women. And they will go to war again.

“Clarkson has stirred a hornets’ nest among young Islamic fundamentalists. He has fanned the flames of their cause. I believe that one day Britain, and indeed every part of the world, will be governed by and under the authority of the Muslims implementing Islamic Law.

“And it will happen. It may come peacefully. But it may come through a holy war that will see rivers of blood on the streets. Clarkson has brought this day closer.”

Choudary’s warning echoes the words of right-wing MP Enoch Powell, who made his “rivers of blood” speech in 1968.

The Tory politician stunned the country when he warned that uncapped immigration would see mass unrest and blood spilled on the streets. Clarkson, 50, confessed he gets distracted by women in burkas when driving, because he recently discovered what undies they wear.

He claimed a woman in a burka “fell head over heels” in front of his taxi in London’s Piccadilly and revealed her “red G-string and stockings”.

British-born Choudary, 42, said Clarkson could be in danger unless he says sorry.

He said: “Clarkson’s comments may not have been directly against Islam but he has upset many people – and actions have consequences.

“He has angered many young believers of Islam and he may face repercussions.

“There are a growing number of young Islamic fundamentalists in this country and many are ready to cause violence to protect Islam.

“I would urge Clarkson to make a full and public apology to those he has mistakenly offended. Otherwise his safety could be at risk.”

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