Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Du'a pleaded Safety

Du'a pleaded Safety - Q.S. Yunus 10:85-86
Q.S. Yunus 10:85-86
Faqaloo AAala Allahi tawakkalna rabbana la tajAAalna fitnatan lilqawmi alththalimeena Wanajjina birahmatika mina alqawmi alkafireena

This prayer was read by minority groups who believe in the Prophet Musa, after they witnessed kemukjizatannya before Pharaoh. At that time, the Prophet Musa consisting of young men in a state of fear, that the Pharaoh and princes-princes would hurt them. So at that time also Prophet Musa ordered their people to not be afraid and surrender completely to Allah SWT., While praying with the prayer above al. Can be seen in Surah Yunus verses 83-86.

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