Thursday, January 27, 2011

Islamic poster campaign calls for the murder of Home Secretary Theresa May

Posters issuing a fatwa against Theresa May have appeared in South London, prompting an investigation by Scotland Yard.

The Metropolitan Police are seeking the source of the Wild West-style posters, which claim the fatwa has been issued 'for the abduction, kidnapping and false imprisonment' of various radical clerics.

A fatwa can - but not always - be interpreted as an incitement to kill, and is an order issued by scholars in the Islamic faith....

A link on the posters directs people to a website which states: 'The current reality of Muslims living in Britain has unfortunately become very bleak; what was initially perceived by some, to be a malicious smear campaign against the Muslim community has now turned into something far more sinister.

'Subsequently, as a response to this extremely critical situation and having been left with no other alternative, a Fatwa has been launched against the head of internal affairs and national security, Theresa May.

'We understand the seriousness of this religious verdict, and will be releasing further information in due course.'

The website specifies high-profile Muslims such as Khalid al Fawwaz, 48, a Saudi Arabian with links to Osama Bin Laden who is currently fighting extradition to the U.S. on allegations of terrorism....

Fatwa: Whoever insults Muhammad, the Qur'an or Islam must be killed

Fatwa: "It Is Permissible to Have Sexual Intercourse with a Prepubescent Girl"

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