Saturday, January 22, 2011


Wonder what you make of the BBC's coverage here on Baroness Warsi's accusation that Islamophobia is acceptable in the UK?

I notice that they ask for Muslims opinions of this at the bottom of the article. Perhaps they could also ask for the those who have victims of Islamic terrorism in the UK to venture their opinion?

Perhaps they could also ask for those families who have had their teenage girls abused by Muslim gangs to also comment?

But no. Warsi is right to speak against bigorty BUT she is simultaneously ignoring the menace that some within Islam represent.

Last week, she had a go at "right wing" Conservatives, now the Baroness sounds like an apologist for Islamic separatism from the State.Cameron really can pick them, and of course the BBC laps it all up.

What kind of dinner parties do you go to, Baroness?

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